Adjust the brightness of bright areas and dark areas separately.SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro8 FeatureSILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro6 FeatureSILKYPIX JP 8 Feature

SILKYPIX analyzes your photo to determine both bright and dark areas. With independent changes to highlights and shadows, dark areas that contain overshadowed details are adjustable to increase visibility of details. Lowering values then in bright areas may also increase visibility of detail that would otherwise be washed out.

Prior to the release of the SILKYPIX Series 9, the effects of the Highlight Slider were combined with the Shadow Slider. Now either can be manipulated independently.

Here is an original image taken in non-ideal lighting.

Highlight Slider for Shadow Adjustment in the Exposure / Luminance Panel

After making adjustments to both highlights and shadows, it is much improved.

Highlights can be adjusted separately for shadows.

Highlight Slider in the Exposure / Luminance Panel

Highlight Slider in the Exposure / Luminance Panel