Good news! We've extended this special offer through November 30, 2017!

Say no to the Adobe Lightroom Hog

We overfed him and now he takes as much as he can, month to month.

He has been a good friend and companion over the years, but he keeps asking for more and more while delivering less and less and playing on his reputation as a good pig. Now we have to feed him, even if all we want to do is get a little love. What do we do?

General Features New in SILKYPIX 8

Come to SILKYPIX DS Pro8 for only $99 LIMITED TIME

Adobe® Lightroom® was destined to become a subscription only application. This provides no additional value to you, but you do get to pay again and again.

Fast Download the 30 Day Full Featured Trial

Select the version of SILKYPIX DS Pro8 you want to try via fast Dropbox. It is a fully functional trial that lasts 30 days (far longer than this offer!)

macOS Windows

Don't forget, the competitive upgrade ends sooner than 30 days!

How to Get the Competitive Upgrade for $99

  1. Create an account on (account activation required, watch for the email)
  2. Log in to the website and go to menu Support > Create a Trouble Ticket. Select Qualifications & Credentials
  3. For the subject, put LIGHTROOM and attach proof of ownership (serial number, invoice or screenshot of Lightroom on your computer)

We will reply after you qualify. After that, you will see the $99 offer on the SILKYPIX DS Pro8 order page. Go ahead and order!

Am I qualified yet? If you see this, you are!

Discount applied to SILKYPIX

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