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On the outer edge of town is a decrepit old inn, not so commonly used but turned in a dark and common purpose - a training and meeting location for the Thieves Guild! This inn has three floors and a basement, fully furnished with several rooms. The top floor has a private meeting room for the guild, and the basement features a training area, with a mugging dummy and diagrams for attacking potential victims. In the Poser version, any doors are dial driven.

Dungeon Depths Volume 1 is a model series based on an alternate fantasy rpg world based loosely on medieval Europe in 950 AD and role-playing game tropes.

Thieves Guild for Poser3D | DAZ Studio Release Notes 23.08.13
The Thieves Guild geometry was updated on both Renderosity and Mirye Store to improve the support structure of the building based on customer feedback. Existing customers can download the update immediately from the site through which they acquired the license.

  1. https://mirye.net/meshbox-design/product/thieve-s-guild
  2. https://www.renderosity.com/marketplace/products/130514/thieves-guild-for-poser
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