Take better pictures on your iOS device
for free with SILKYPIX Shot.

With supported iOS devices such as the Apple iPhone 7, you can now take high resolution photos in RAW format. SILKYPIX Shot is an easy to use editor and organization app for iOS that lets you use some powerful features of SILKYPIX right on your device. Capture and adjust on your phone, and then you can transfer your photos over to the desktop version of SILKYPIX for higher precision, professional results.


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This APP improves RAW photos.

RAW/JPEG button

Switch between working with RAW or JPEG files on your iOS device.

Manual shooting mode and Auto shooting mode

Switching to Manual mode

Touch to activate each option: ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, focus, color temperature and tint buttons.

Switching to Auto mode

Touch Auto. ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, focus, color temperature and tint adjust automatically.

You can't adjust individual parameters in AUTO mode.


Adjust parameters in Manual shooting mode

ISO button

Adjusting ISO sensitivity manually.

Shutter Speed button

Adjusting shutter speed manually.

Color Temperature button

Adjusting color temperature of white balance manually.

Tint button

Adjusting tint of white balance manually.

Focus button

Adjusting focus manually.

Shutter button

When taking the finger off, the shutter is released.


View your camera roll and access useful information of how to edit your photo

Camera roll button

Showing the camera roll.

Information button

Showing the information of how to edit raw photos.