Apply Auto Adjustment to all selected photos.

The Apply Auto Adjust button lets you select any number of photos and apply Auto Exposure Bias, Auto White Balance Setting and Auto Level Correction as appropriate to each individual photo at the same time.

Auto Adjustment to selected thumbnails in SILKYPIX


Photo after applying Auto Adjust

Auto Adjustment Button

Auto adjustment is a one click solution that lets SILKYPIX analyze objects in your photo and then apply best practices based on the analysis.

Auto Adjustment button makes it easy to apply Auto Adjustment to all selected thumbnails

Click the Auto adjustment button to apply the optimal exposure, white balance, and level correction for your photo all at once.

Clicking the button will perform the following adjustments in order for the selected images:

  • Auto Exposure Bias
  • Auto White Balance
  • Auto Level Correction

If you do not like the results, you can still go back and apply your on adjustments or click the Initialize button to reset all adjustments.