1. Arnold Carlson
  3. Saturday, November 23 2019, 05:53 PM
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I am here at this store to upgrade from Silkypix 7 to the latest version. How? I have seen that I must register my version 7 software first. Where? I registered for a new account but I end up in a place that resembles a social media site. I just want to upgrade from Silkypix 7 to version 9. I do not participate in Social Media. In the FAC's it says there is a drop down box to put my old reg code in, there is not, only says new license. I am on the fence about getting a new Silkypix or moving over to PhaseOne. If I can't get the upgrade price, or at least see what that price is, it looks like the price would be equal between the two.
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Thank you for contacting us. To have access to upgrade pricing, you need to register your license with our site. To do that, log in, then go to Support > Trouble Tickets and provide your serial number / product key. We will then activate it on your account and then you can order the upgrade at any time. You'll be able to log in and access the price and option.
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