Shade 3D Basic is a great place to start in 3D with modeling, rendering and animation, no matter if you are building 3D models for rendering to beautiful art, designing models for 3D printing or building for games. Check out this short list of features to see all that's included with Shade 3D Basic.

Learn 3D

Shade 3D Basic has tools that  are accessible, understandable and enabling. No arcane interfaces get in the way of your modeling.

Modeling Tools
  • Complete set of polygon mesh modeling tools
  • Complete Set of curved surface modeling tools
  • Bevel Edge and Bevel Vertex tools
  • Boolean modeling tools
  • Photo Modeling generate 3D models from photos
  • Sketch Modeling generate 3D models from illustrations
  • Line Offset and Line Thickness tools
  • Rotator / Path/ Slide / Ball / Scale / Uniscale animation with Joints
  • Unlimited Static, Animated Cameras and Meta Cameras
  • Morph & Switch Joints
  • PoserFusion Poser(r) Animated Character import
  • Global Illumination + Path Tracing
  • Global Illumination + Photo Mapping
  • Draft Ray Tracing
  • Radiosity
  • Surface Sub-division
  • Stereoscopic Rendering.
Includes one node for network rendering, allowing you to speed up your renders with the help of another computer.
Render Size
Render your images up to 2000 x 2000 pixels in size.

Mirye Software thanks you for your interest in Shade 3D! Shade 3D is longer published by Mirye Software. However you can discuss Shade 3D with other Shade 3D users on the Shade 3D dedicated forum on Mirye Software.