Shade 3D is the ideal tool for 3D modeling, 3D animation and 3D rendering because it lets you decide what fast, accessible, flexible means for your workflow - use Shade 3D by itself or as a tool in a multi-step, multi-tool production environment.

Shade View Display
View Display options let you simulate using All Lights and Global Illumination and powerful Ray Tracing (Draft) preview rendering directly within the Viewport.

New in 14!Optional antialiasing of wireframes and stereoscopy with compatible polarized 3D display within a Viewport

Shade Workspaces
Shade Workspaces let you instantly switch between pre-defined layouts: Layout, Modeling, Split View, UV Edit, Animation, Rendering and Skin. Each layout includes pre-configured tools, window layouts and views in combinations optimized for specific workflow based tasks.
Organize your objects, surfaces, backgrounds, images, sounds and more into custom catalogs. ShadeExplorer automatically generates previews depending on the the content type.
Shade Browser
Use Browser to make complex scenes easy to manage. Use the Mark tool to apply a color to an object, then use wireframe mode to apply the same color to the wireframe of the object! Click on an object in any Viewport and Browser automatically auto-scrolls to find the object. Use powerful search tools to search by name or type. Apply several different attributes to objects, all within Browser.
Render History
Quickly and simply organize your renders, moving them from main memory to an Image Collection. You can also add other images to Image Collection for comparision. Drag the Render Wipe indicator to reveal the differences between two renders. Use Render Compare tool Absolute Difference to display only differences.  Available in Shade 3D Professional.

Mirye Software thanks you for your interest in Shade 3D! Shade 3D is longer published by Mirye Software. However you can discuss Shade 3D with other Shade 3D users on the Shade 3D dedicated forum on Mirye Software.