Shade native renderer supports breathtakingly realistic Radiosity even in Shade Basic, with higher levels supporting multipass and toon rendering.

Shade Radiosity produces breathtaking results, even in Shade 3D Basic.
Global Illumination
Shade Global Illumination is available in all versions of Shade. Save and reuse with Photo Mapping, Save GI: Irradiance Caching, Render on ShadeGRID and Gathering Scale in Shade 3D Professional.

New in Shade 14! Use Global Illumination in the Figure Window lets you see GI effects while you work.

Render Methods
Fast Ray Tracing Draft is so fast you can use it for pre-visualization within your Viewport. Ray Tracing, Path Tracing, Toon Render (Standard or Pro) and Wireframe Render options are also available.
Render Size
Shade 3D Basic supports up to 2000 x 2000 px. Shade 3D Standard supports up to 4000 x 4000 px. Shade 3D Professional supports 22,528 x 22,528 px render size.
Irradiance Caching
Take control over sampling points and distribution of indirect light in your scenes that utilize Path Tracing. This process simplifies sampling and reduces rendering time - as a result, you'll see softer, more realistic shadows and shorter render times, especially in complex architectural designs.
Multi-Pass Rendering
Render scene and animation stills into separate discreet pass files that capture specific information per pass. Available in Shade 3D Standard and Shade 3D Professional.
Toon Rendering
Non realistic rendering comes with presets for a wide range of styles including Cell Animation, Technical Illustration, Half Tone and Manga, and ability to build your own presets. Can be combined with Multi-Pass Rendering. Available in Shade 3D Standard and Shade 3D Professional.
Batch Rendering
Queue up as many scenes as you like for batch rendering and track status, start time, elapsed time and image size.
ShadeGRID Server
Set up ShadeGRID Network Rendering Server on your network to utilize free resources to speed up your renders. ShadeGRID takes advantage of every core of every processor. Get one node with Shade 3D Basic or Standard or an unlimited number of nodes with Shade 3D Professional.
IBL Rendering
Image Based Lighting rendering can reproduce lighting that more closely approximates reality because it uses the color and brightness of the image set as the background as the light.

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