3D printing can now be a much a part of your workflow as rendering still images to conventional print, producing digital animation or modeling for real time playback in games.

Shade 3D incorporates features that not only allow you to create models that are compatible with 3D printers and 3D printing services, but also the tools to avoid common and expensive mistakes.

3D Printing Services

Shade 3D supports exporting to formats that are compatible with many online 3D printing services. Here are a few available.

Shapeways.com is the world's leading 3D Printing marketplace and community.
Sculpteo helps people and businesses buy, sell and 3D print ideas as solid objects.
UPS Store
The UPS Store is testing 3D printing services in-store, in limited participating locations, to start-ups, small businesses and retail customers.
Not a printing service by itself, but a way to search for 3D printers and local 3D printing services in your neighborhood.
UPS Store
The UPS Store is testing 3D printing services in-store, in limited participating locations, to start-ups, small businesses and retail customers.

Know a high quality or innovative 3D printing service, or offer one yourself? Tell us about it in the 3D Printing Sub-Forum. If it is of interest to Shade 3D users we will list your service.

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