Shade supports a long list of file formats for importing, exporting and referencing objects and materials created in or shared with other applications.

Not only is Shade adept at exchanging files with other applications, it can render to static images (single and multi-layer), animation (AVI, QuickTime), interactive animation (QTVR Panoramas, Objects, Flash SWF), and special export formats for use in other applications.

Shade as a Modeler in Your Pipeline

All versions of Shade support industry standard Wavefront OBJ Import/Export for sharing digital assets with all major 3D software. Higher versions of Shade support industry standards such as 3DS, DXF and RenderMan RIB format, giving you more options for sharing assets.

  • Wavefront (OBJ) Import/Export
  • LightWave 3D (LWO) Import/Export
  • 3D Studio MAX (3DS) Import/Export
  • COLLADA Import/Export
  • FBX Import/Export
  • DXF Import/Export
  • DirectX Export
  • RenderMan RIB Export
  • VRML2.0 Export
  • SketchUp! 8 & 2013
  • Second Life Export
  • STL Import/Export

Shade as a Renderer for 2D Illustration and Still Images

Shade is the perfect 3D companion to most Adobe Creative Suite users. Digital artists appreciate the ability to import their Adobe Illustrator designs directly into Shade for transformation into 3D assets. Now with multipass rendering, it is also possible to render Shade images and open them in Adobe Photoshop, allowing multi-layer, post-processing in Adobe's flagship editor.

  • Adobe Illustrator AI/EPSF Import
  • Adobe Photoshop PSD Output
  • Adobe Illustrator Output
  • Epix Export
  • HDR Input-Output
  • PFM Input-Output
  • OpenEXR Input-Output

Shade as a Renderer for 2D Animation

Shade supports standard video rendering formats such as Quicktime and AVI; for even greater control, you can also utilize Shade multipass rendering on a frame-by-frame basis. Shade offers advanced support for Apple Quicktime movie creation, including VR panoramas, Cubic VR and Object VR exports.

  • Quicktime Movie Export
  • Quicktime VR Panorama Export
  • Quicktime VR Cubic Export
  • Quicktime VR Object Export
  • AVI Movie Export (Windows Only)
  • Adobe Flash (SWF) Output

Mirye Software thanks you for your interest in Shade 3D! Shade 3D is longer published by Mirye Software. However you can discuss Shade 3D with other Shade 3D users on the Shade 3D dedicated forum on Mirye Software.