Powerful IK (Inverse Kinematics), bones, skin, motion effects and particle physics animation system makes Shade ideal for your next animation project. Shade IK is compatible with FBX based animation.

Joint Based System
Move, Rotate, and Morph Using Joints. Insert an object into a joint, set a skin and then change a joint value, link a light value to a variable joint - and it becomes animated! Almost any object can be animated with Shade joints.
Particle Physics
Explosions, fountain effects, smoke and similar amorphous objects like fire. Physics-based collision detection can also be used in scenes with particles. Available in Shade 3D Standard and Shade 3D Professional.
Utilize a hierarchical Bones based system along with Skin and Weight Painting tools with vertex blending for creating complex, animated characters.
Select Shade Classic Skin and or the new Vertex Blending option for creating complex, animated characters from within the Skin Window.
Weight Painting
Edit skin weight values graphically with "heat" based weight painting. Adjust the Type, Decay, and Operator settings
Motion Effects
Apply elastic effects such as gravity and wind, with elasticity and angle limits, on joint-based hierarchies such as Ball Joints and Bones.
3D Sound
Import audio directly into your Shade scene for rendering and automatically calculating sound over distance.

Mirye Software thanks you for your interest in Shade 3D! Shade 3D is longer published by Mirye Software. However you can discuss Shade 3D with other Shade 3D users on the Shade 3D dedicated forum on Mirye Software.