A dedicated tool set to make critical adjustments for underwater photography. SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro8 FeatureSILKYPIX JP Feature

The Underwater Photo Controller is a powerful, dedicated set of adjustment tools specifically designed for the needs of undewater photography.

Water Depth Slider
A very specific form of white balance based on water depth
Color Deflection Slider
Adjusting for trending towards blue or green.
Color Restoration Slider
Restores colors that are otherwise washed out.
Muddy Reduction Slider
Adjustments to compensate to the amount of murkiness in the water.

Adjusting Parameters with the Underwater Photo Controller

Open the Underwater Photo Controller to view your photo with default settings.

Underwater Photo Controller with uncorrected underwater photo.

Make adjustments using the sliders to match the water depth and other characteristics.

Underwater Photo Controller adjustments to reduce murkiness, restore colors and balance.