A brush or paint filter option is a part of the Partial Correction Tool for applying corrections to irregular regions.SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro8 FeatureSILKYPIX JP Feature

Some examples of why you might want to use the Partial Correction Tool is to increase brightness on some subjects darkened by backlighting, or fine tuning the white balance on some subjects seemingly brightened by reflected light.

Selecting an Irregular Region to Apply Partial Correction

By using a paint or brush-like tool, you can make more granular selections, which is particularly important when objects are complex or uneven in shape.

Use the Brush Filter to Apply Partial Correction to uneven shapes or regions
Select an area to adjust with the Brush or Paint Filter
Apply corrections to an irregular region with the Brush Filter in the Partial Correction Tool.
Partial correction applied to an irregular region of a photo.


Brush Correction Filter in the Partial Correction Tool

Brush Correction Filter or Paint Selection Tool