Natural Sharp sharpness adjustment controls false edging and bokeh clarity while providing a more natural form of sharpness.SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro7 FeatureSILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 Feature

Natural Sharp adjustment gives you additional control over artifacting that can occur when you are applying sharpness to a photo. This new type of Sharpness includes three levels of control: Outline Emphasis, Ringing Artifact Control and Bokeh Preservation.

New SILKYPIX DS Pro7 Feature

Natural Sharp Slider Controls

Outline EmphasisNatural Sharp Outline Emphasis Slider

This applies special algorithms to generally improve applying sharpness. If this parameter is set high though, its possible for artifacting to occur need outlines or unwanted softness. These are controlled by the two other sliders: Ringing Artifact Control slider and Bokeh Preservation slider.

Ringing Artifact ControlSILKYPIX Natural Sharp Ringing Artifact Control Slider

As you adjust Outline Emphasis, it is possible for certain white or black artifacts to appear. Make adjustments to Ringing Artifact Control to reduce these artifacts.

Bokeh PreservationSILKYPIX Natural Sharp Bokeh Preservation Slider

When sharpness is applied to an image, it can produce a side effect that makes the blurred portions of out of focus areas ( commonly called bokeh ) unnatural. Adjusting the Bokeh Preservation slider can improve or restore this effect when you apply Natural Sharp to your image.


SILKYPIX DS 7: Natural Sharpness