Selected support for Fujifilm Film Simulation. SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro11 Feature SILKYPIX Developer Studio Feature

SILKYPIX supports displaying photos taken using selected equipment maker simulation or style systems by default.

Fujifilm Film Simulation

Film Simulation modes are supported on X Series Fujifilm cameras. Fujifilm describes Fujifilm Film Simulation as:

Our Film Simulation modes mimic not only the color of some famous analog films, but the tones and contrast, too. You can access them through your camera’s main menu system, but it’s faster through the Quick Menu (just press the Q button), or a dedicated Function Button (Fn) assigned to Film Simulation modes. You’ll see the effect of the currently selected Film Simulation mode on the camera’s screen and in its viewfinder as you make pictures. Each one has its own unique characteristics and – although some are definitely more suited to a certain style of photography – it’s really fun exploring the differences between each mode.

Support depends on the specific camera model. It isn't an all or nothing matter of support. If you do not see your camera supported, check for later 'point updates' that may add your camera.