Auto White Balance works with light sources from selections.SILKYPIX DS Pro11

Auto White Balance tools typically adjust for averages of all light sources in a entire image. Even if there are multiple light sources detected in an image, you can now select an area within the image use the Auto Area Specification Tool to select only the light sources within the selected area.

Here is a complex photo that has multiple light sources within it.

Original photo before applying Auto White Balance in SILKYPIX


Here is the same photo after Auto White Balance was applied to the entire image, and using all information in the photo to determine the sources of the light sources.

After applying Auto White Balance using all light sources in the image.


Here is the same original photo that applies Auto White Balance but, bases it on selecting the lower right area of the photo showing the shells.


After selecting the lower right area of the photo and applying Auto White Balance based on the light sources in the region.


This is a SILKYPIX DSPro11 only feature.