Workspaces vastly improves productivity in SILKYPIX.SILKYPIX JP 9 FeatureSILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro8 FeatureSILKYPIX Developer Studio 9 Feature

SILKYPIX now works in three discreet workspaces: Select | Adjust | Print.

Select Workspace

The Select workspace uses image previews in order to dramatically speed up search, sort and and select multiple images at a time.

Fast photo browsing and selection in this SILKYPIX Workspace.

Adjust Workspace

The Adjust workspace gives you access to all of the SILKYPIX toolbox and features for adjusting and modifying your images.

A dedicated workspace for working with SILKYPIX photo adjustment tools.

Print Workspace

The print settings of the previous SILKYPIX® series were made in the dialog box. SILKYPIX® Developer Studio Pro10 features the new Print section which allows you to review the final image and designate the print settings.

A highly productive workspace for printing photos.