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Sabaku Pilot's Bar

$29.85 each
3D Format


About Sabaku Pilot's Bar R2

World Sabaku Pilot's Bar is a once luxurious nightclub gone to seed and adopted as a drinking and meeting place for independent space ship captains. The common room features a stage and full bar (with stools) as well as table and booth seating. The bar is tended by a few Handy Drone robots, that fly about and tend drinks and man the kitchen. The Vue version of this model has pre-lit entry lights and also "bar lights" inside the bar. In addition, native shaders have been applied to the drink tanks and robot visors.

About World Sabaku Volume 1 R2

World Sabaku is a desert planet, originating in a science fiction universe based on the rules and motifs of 1970s science fiction - a universe which never concerned itself with miniaturization or the advent of the internet.


antenna (2), booth seating, bar, stool, stove, disk jockey panel (2), glass, orders wrack, lamp, bot, microphone, kitchen cabinet, speaker, stool, support, table (2), drink tank, compressor, complete building

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The contents of this model set are based on the software package it is used with. Please check to see that you have selected the right version for you

Sabaku Pilot's Bar Pro

This set is designed for professional designers and game developers that require additional rights, such as real time playback in games, simulations and more.

  • 28 texture and bump maps
  • Original .max file
  • Original .3DS file
  • Meshbox Art License for all other Versions
  • Meshbox 3D Professional License

Sabaku Pilot's Bar for Bryce

This set is compatible with Bryce 5.5 and higher.

  • 28 texture and bump maps incorporated into BR5
  • Bryce BR5 Model
  • Meshbox Art License

Sabaku Pilot's Bar for Poser

This set is compatible with Poser 7 or higher.

  • 28 texture and bump maps
  • Complete Building
  • doors attached to dials: open and shut (use limits, 90 to -90 degrees)
  • Separate OBJ versions of building
  • Organized Runtime
  • Art License

R2 version has an organized runtime, with separate props (pp2), character based models (cr2) and separate OBJ versions of the building.

Sabaku Pilot's Bar for Shade

This set is compatible with Shade 12 or higher.

  • 28 texture and bump maps
  • Organized Shade 12+ SHD file
  • Meshbox Art License

Sabaku Pilot's Bar for Vue

This set is compatible with Vue 6 or higher.

  • 28 texture and bump maps
  • Vue VOB 6 object version of model
  • Meshbox Art License

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