FluidRay RT 1.1.2 is now available. The new version improves FluidRay’s interface, fixes bugs, makes using our integrations easier.

Fluidray RT is the fast, real-time renderer for all your 3D projects that DOESN'T rely on GPUs for its speed.

Fluidray for Jewelry Design

FluidRay RT provides the quality and features of high-end production renderers yet at a fraction of the price. It has all the special features you need for the accurate depictions of light, color and materials for vertical market industries plus its a first of its kind general purpose real time renderer.

Since FluidRay RT is a standalone application, you can directly import assets using most widely used file formats; for deeper integration, FluidRay RT also includes integration plugins that are completely free. You don't have to pay separately for renderer and integration - such as integrations for SketchUP!, Rhino 3D and Shade 3D.

This version of FluidRay RT is a free upgrade to current users and includes the following improvements:

  • Integration plugins are automatically installed when installing Fluidray
  • Improved interactivity of Sun & Sky Environment
  • Cameras are now exported while in integration mode
  • Better window layout while in integration mode
  • Better Drag & Drop
  • Clearer interface in the Attribute Editor
  • Speed improvements and bug fixes
  • Color input is now in the range 0-255
  • Added SketchUp import on Mac
  • Improved interface in integration mode
Because of the reworked framework that accompanies this release, updates should be available with greater frequency. You can download the demo of FluidRay 1.1.2 from the download section of Mirye Software's website.