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3D Format

About Tabernacle 3D

The Tabernacle - found! Referred to as the Mishkan, the Tabernacle was a movable temple to the god of the Hebrews from the time of Exodus to the invasion of the land of Canaan. This includes a cleared ground with wall and cloth supports and a main tent, wherein you can find the incense altar, menorah and the shewbread offering altar. Outside, a laver and burnt offering altar are also available.


Includes: tabernacle, shewbread, bread table, burnt offering altar, incense altar, laver, pole, menorah

About Bible 3D

Tabernacle 3D is a Bible 3d series model from Meshbox Design. The Bible 3D series brings ancient, world faith locations, objects and people to life so artists can create their own religious artwork.


The contents of this model set are based on the software package it is used with. Please check to see that you have selected the right version for you.

Tabernacle 3D Pro

  • 11 texture maps
  • .max version under Pro Licensing
  • Art Licensing for ALL other versions

Tabernacle 3D for Blender

This set is compatible with Blender 3.x or higher.

  • 11 texture maps
  • Blender .blend file
  • Art Licensing

Tabernacle 3D for Poser & DAZ Studio

This set is compatible with Poser 6 or higher and DAZ Studio 4.5 and higher.

  • separate props of objects
  • 11 texture maps
  • empty version of base model
  • version of model with pre-placed props
  • OBJ of model

This version has an organized runtime, with separate props (pp2), character based model (c ) versions of the model.

Tabernacle 3D for Shade

This set is compatible with Shade 9 or higher.

  • 11 texture maps
  • Organized Shade 9+ SHD file
  • Art License

Tabernacle 3D for Vue

This set is compatible with Vue 6 or higher.

  • 11 texture maps
  • Vue VOB 6 object version of model
  • Art License

Tabernacle 3D for Bryce

This set is compatible with Bryce 5.5 and higher.

  • 11 texture maps incorporated into BR5
  • Bryce BR5 Model
  • Art Licensing

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