Mystic Objects & Places Volume 1

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3D Format

Mystic Objects & Places is a series of objects and locations found on an ancient, fantasy adventure.

Pre-release Version. If you order a pre-release version, you will receive updates as each new model is added to the set. You are trusting us that you will like what is added to the set, and that each update may take weeks to release. In exchange for your trust, we offer the set at a discounted rate.

Mystic Objects & Places Volume 1 Complete Edition

This series features objects found during a mystical or fantastical journey, to ancient realms and ruins. A complete edition includes all publicly released models in the series, and also a bonus model that is only available in the Complete Edition.

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The contents of this model set are based on the software package it is used with. Please check to see that you have selected the right version for you

  • MOP1V101 Elfin Location Globe
  • MOP1V102 To Be Announced
  • MOP1V103 To Be Announced
  • MOP1V104 To Be Announced
  • MOP1V105 To Be Announced
  • MOP1V106 To Be Announced
  • MOP1V107 To Be Announced
  • MOP1V108 To Be Announced (BONUS MODEL)

To Be Announced

Models listed as "To Be Announced" are in production or not completed yet.


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