Amusement Park Volume 1 Complete

$49.00 each Brand: MeshboxMeshbox
3D Format

Amusement Park 3D Volume 1 Complete Edition

Amusement Park 3D Volume 1 is a set of models based on the modern (late 20th - early 21st century) amusement park - including the traveling carnival or the more seasonal or permanent amusement park. This first volume features common rides found in amusement parks.

Models in this Set

This list will be updated as each model is released

  • AP1V101 - Tea Cups Ride
  • AP1V102 - Mad Mansion Haunted House Ride
  • AP1V103 - Bumper Cars Ride
  • AP1V104 - Carousel
  • AP1V105 - Octopus Ride
  • AP1V106 - Paratrooper Ride
  • AP1V107 - Music Fest Ride (Music Express)
  • AP1V108 - BONUS MODEL -  Ferris Wheel

Complete Edition Set

This is a Complete Edition Set. That means that you receive all seven publicly released models, plus a bonus eighth model that is nor purchasable separately. Purchasing Complete Editions works out to be a huge discount over purchasing each model in a set individually.

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