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  3. Saturday, June 01 2019, 09:59 PM
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Meshbox Design has uploaded an update to the free 3D character Chunk(tm) for Smith Micro Poser and DAZ 3D's DAZ Studio. This provides a number of fixes that were noticed in the process of creating new add-ons.

Download Chunk 1.7.2 now...

If you currently use Chunk(tm) we recommend you replace it with this version. It should make no difference to your current projects or the many add-ons for Chunk, such as Toon Santa or Toon Dionysus for Chunk.

If you are using Merchant Resources to build on top of Chunk, you can continue to use the 1.7.1 resources.


Site registration is required to download this licensed but free product.
  1. http://www.toonpeople.com/2019/06/01/free-chunk-1-7-2-male-and-female-3d-character-for-poser-daz-studio-update-available/
  2. http://meshbox.org/2019/06/01/free-chunk-1-7-2-male-and-female-3d-character-for-poser-daz-studio-update-available/
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