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  3. Friday, September 14 2018, 04:05 PM
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Multiple sources have confirmed that Smith Micro intends to close Content Paradise, their content store for Poser 3D and other types of content. Meshbox Design has hundreds of products listed on Content Paradise, and customers there should rightly be concerned about accessing their purchases. Mirye Software is a sister brand of Meshbox Design, so all Meshbox Design 3D models are also released on the Mirye Software content store.

There is a lesson here echoed by the recent news that Apple will delete movies from your library that you purchased.. Ultimately, brokers are not creators or owners, and the protections they seem to offer are illusionary, even if some of them take half of a creators earnings. Honestly, I know many one time vendors that would have stayed in the content creation business had they earned the 20% additional margin taken by most brokerages.
Moving from Content Paradise to Mirye Software
If you licensed a Meshbox Design content product from 1/1/2015 onward, we will accept registrations here for all products licensed through Content Paradise. This will allow you to be able to have a venue for support (the Meshbox Design website is being redesigned, so all support will go through Mirye.net, the same people behind Meshbox Design) and perhaps more importantly, a way to download.

How to Register on Mirye Software

  1. Create an account on mirye.net
  2. Order a free product like one of the Toon People characters and include all details (we don't accept aliases, fake names or the like) so you have an account of record
  3. Go to Support > Trouble Tickets, and create a ticket under the category Registration
  4. Ask to have products registered and attach proof of purchase via Content Paradise
  5. Be patient:D - I am working on this while I am also doing my regular full time work

We will inform you when all the registered products are added to your account. Because we are still in the process of adding the Meshbox catalog to mirye.net, we ask that you are patient and that as the artist of record I only have myself to work on this. While we don't guarantee downloads forever, at least you'll have a record for support.

Your friendly creator since 2002!

Meshbox Design

PS. I have set the date from 1/1/2015 because it is going to take a lot of time to get downloads set up. If you purchased earlier than that, you should still get your information and watch our site as we may be able to support earlier, later.
  1. https://mirye.net/mirye-store/category/toon-people-brand
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