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About Orc Small Sail Boat

The Orc Small Sail vessel, despite its size is very sea capable. The craft is decorated with the head of the red desert dragon and bedecked with the finest horn. This is model 1 of 8 in the series.
About Orc Journeys Volume 1

The races of Orc are many, from the nobles of the First House of Orc to the wild Dragon tribes of the eastern plains. Though their ships lack the sleek beauty of elven craft, Orc ships are better prepared for battle than their foes. Orc Journeys Volume 1 - aka Orcs and the Sea - is a collection of water craft models based around the Orc themes first introduced in the Meshbox Orc Village Series.

A Complete Edition is also available that contains all seven publicly available models, plus a bonus eighth model.

  1. https://mirye.net/meshbox-design/product/orc-small-sail-boat
  2. http://meshbox.org/2015/05/24/orc-small-sail-ship-r2-arrives-for-orc-journeys-3d/
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This model is now available on Mirye Software content store.
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