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Toon Santa is the incredible Santa Claus character for use with Poser 9 or higher and DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher. Each year, a new version to Toon Santa is ADDED to the Toon Santa for Poser /DAZ Studio bundle - yes, that means you are getting fourteen Santas this year! During the pre-order time, you can save $20 on the bundle, and get Toon Santa 19 when it is released.

Limited time discount on Toon Santa Bundle 2019 ends Sunday, December 1, 2019.

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Toon Santa either makes use of the free Chunk 3D model or the Norm 3D model, both of which you can download for free on the Mirye Software website.

A version of Toon Santa is the official 3D Santa of the NORAD Tracks Santa program. The NORAD Tracks Santa website goes live each year on December 1. You can see him used on the website and he is the actual figure used in the 3D tracker that is watched by many, many millions of viewers around the world.

See the versions already released and a part of the bundle.

  1. https://mirye.net/meshbox-design/product/toon-santa-bundle-19
  2. http://www.noradsanta.org
  3. http://www.toonsanta.com
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Secret Santa for Poser & DAZ Studio is a master of espionage and a party favorite. He has full spy garb in both traditional black and also Christmas green versions. He also has two wonderful Christmas sweaters underneath. Also known as Toon Santa 18.

What's Included

  • Secret Santa Coat ( Standard & Green Versions)
  • Secret Santa Coat Belt (Standard & Green Versions)
  • Secret Santa Shoes
  • Secret Santa Pants (Standard & Green Versions)
  • Secret Santa Sweater (Yellow pattern and Red & White pattern versions)
  • Secret Santa Fedora Hat (Standard & Green Versions)
  • Secret Santa Glasses
  • Santa's Beard
  • Santa's Mustache
  • Santa's Hair
  • Santa's Eyebrows

Poses: Belly Laugh (Sweater)*, Default, Doffing Hat (with separate pose for the hat),Hiding Face with Hat, Holding Glasses, Shush and Sneak, Shush, Standing with Crossed Legs, Touch Chin

Secret Santa is a clothing, props and pose pack in the Toon Santa character line of Christmas 3d sets from Meshbox Design.


Now also available on Renderosity.
  1. https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/secret-santa-for-poser-/140192/
  2. http://posercontent.com/clothing-for-poser-and-daz-studio/secret-santa-for-poser
  3. https://mirye.net/meshbox-design/product/secret-santa
  4. http://toonsanta.com/secret-santa
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