LiveCode empowers you to develop applications that run in any environment, using a fast and easy compile-­free workflow.

How it Works

Build your interface visually, add English-like code and make changes while your code is running. Then deploy to desktop and mobile devices.


Live Development – It’s Fast

In LiveCode, your project is always live, always running. Changes happen in real time. This creates a uniquely productive workflow, where you can make changes to your interface or code while the application is running. There is no compile cycle, changes are applied instantly. This workflow is fast and efficient and the iterative nature saves both time and effort in equal measure. There is something compelling and efficient about being able to make small changes and seeing the results instantly. You’ll need to try this feature for a little while to appreciate it.

LiveCode – It’s easy to write code that makes sense

LiveCode is both the environment and a natural programming language that is far easier to learn and use than traditional languages. LiveTalk is an English-like language that is designed the opposite way from many other programming languages: to be as expressive, readable, memorable and English-like as possible! For example, we’ve reduced the need for obscure symbols – by at least an order of magnitude in comparison with traditional languages. Symbols are one very common source of time wasting errors in traditional languages.

Live Everywhere - Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iPhone, Android...

Build your projects on your desktop, then deploy and redeploy everywhere. Build native appearance applications for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Convert your application into an app that runs in a web page. Run LiveCode on a web server. And don't forget Apple iOS apps for iPhone and iPad and Android are available, too.

Live Outside the Box - Extend LiveCode

Not only is LiveCode itself built in LiveCode, you can add to and extend LiveCode applications using LiveCode externals using the high performance LiveCode SDK.

LiveCode is developed by RunRev Ltd of Scotland a close partner to Mirye Software.