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This update adds minor fixes plus new camera support. SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 series of photography products helps you improve your RAW, TIFF or JPEG images with complete control over color balance, exposure bias, high dynamic range and more. SILKYPIX DS 7 and SILKYPIX DS Pro7 are legacy products and no longer for sale.

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 Improvements

  • Other small fixes

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 New Cameras

  • [Added] Casio EX-ZR5100
  • [Added] Nikon D850
  • [Added] Olympus E-M10 Mark III

SILKYPIX Developer Studio 7 and SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro7 are available on Windows and Mac OS. You can also upgrade later to SILKYPIX Developer Studio 8 series, which adds other advanced features and more granular controls for professional photographers. Ordering SILKYPIX doesn't force you into a subscription model.

A 30 day trial and immediately available for download and purchase at the SILKYPIX website at http://www.silkypix.us.
  1. http://www.silkypix.us/silkypix-7-0-20-silkypix-7-1-20
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The link to ver 7.20 pro does not work. It takes you to 7.19 instead. Please fix so we can properly update our software.
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The link problem should be fixed now.
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