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Valentina Studio 6 is the best free universal database development and administration tool available. This release is a massive three year rewrite of the application in order to provide the best, most stable product for current and future versions of operating systems. Valentina Studio includes a feature rich SQL Editor for writing queries and then executing them against a local or remote database or database server. In addition to performance improvements as a result of the rewrite, Valentina Studio 6 also adds the following features.

  • MS SQL Server Client Plugin. MS SQL Server administrators can use Valentina Studio 6 to work with databases on SQL Server
  • SQLite Server Client Plugin. Works with the new Valentina SQLite Server now incorporated into Valentina Server 6
  • 64 Bit Cocoa Native on Mac OS X. Native support improves OS specific features such as full screen use, using the trackpad and more.
  • Retina Support on Mac OS X. Pervasive user interface improvements include scalable icons and also scaling of report objects
  • System Themes on Linux. An alternative version on Linux allows the user interface to take advantage of themes.
  • SQL Editor Improvements. A new panel displays the Schema Objects tree and queries created in Query Builder

Valentina Studio broad support of database formats now include MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL Server and Paradigma Software's own Valentina DB object-relational database system (both for local databases and Valentina Server).

You can download Valentina Studio on the Mirye Software website and purchase Valentina Studio Pro through Mirye Store.
  1. http://www.miryestore.com/product.php?productid=16541
  2. http://mirye.net/valentina-studio
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