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  3. Tuesday, June 23 2015, 05:38 AM
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Mirye Software announces that its entered into a relationship with OneRender(tm), an amazing new online tool for creating 3D rendered image using cloud-based rendering technology from NVIDIA; use OneRender to create a Star Wars themed image for a chance to win a iPad Mini!

OneRender is a web application that allows you to upload your 3D models and set up a complete 3D scene in a web browser, then render high quality 3D artwork on the OneRender cloud based platform. The platform allows a significant savings in time and resources. OneRender is currently in beta, and Mirye Software invites you to join. To join the beta program, visit the official Mirye Software sign up page and use the INVITE CODE: MESHBOX0617.

Beta participants are encouraged to join in the Star Wars Renderathon to create and render an awesome Star Wars themed image on the OneRender platform. You can use any combination of tools, modellers, texture generators or more - so long as the final result is rendered on OneRender. The first prize of the Star Wars Renderathon is an iPad Mini! The final date of the Star Wars Renderathon is July 13th, 2015.
  1. http://www.onerender.com/signup_mirye/
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