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  3. Tuesday, November 25 2014, 06:55 AM
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Mirye Software, the publisher of high performance, cross platform software tools announces a partnership with FluidInteractive® in regards to its flagship FluidRay RT real time renderer for Windows and Mac OS X.

FluidInteractive, based in Italy, provides cutting-edge software solutions in many fields of engineering and computer graphics, including numerical simulation, 3D rendering and energy savings.

FluidRay RT is the first general purpose, real time 3D renderer. FluidRay RT, unlike most competing real time renderers, does not rely on graphics card GPU for acceleration but utlizes all available processors and cores, ensuring greater hardware compatibility.

FluidRay RT is a standalone application which supports most common 3D file formats but also has integration plugins for SketchUP!, Rhino 3D and Shade 3D. A free 15 day trial is available. It is compatible with Windows Vista or later (32 or 64 bit) and Mac OS X 10.6 INTEL or later.

The current version of FluidRay RT costs $469, but available through Mirye Software at an introductory price of only $199. Introductory pricing is good through December 8, 2014.

FluidRay RT is immediately available through the Mirye Software online store. A software discussion forum is also set up in the Mirye Software forums.

Software resellers based in Japan can also contact Mirye Software for sales of FluidRay RT in Japan.

  1. http://www.mirye.net/mirye-software-latest-news/134-mirye-software-announces-fluidray-rt-sales-and-distribution-in-japan
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