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Shade 3D ver 14 is a complete modeling, rendering and animation solution for Mac OS X and Windows. You can now download the latest update, Shade 3D ver 14.1.2 from either the main Mirye Software website or through Shadetrial.com.

This release includes performance improvements and fixes for the main Shade 3D application as well as the ShadeGRID network rendering system. A complete list of improvements are available on the Mirye Software website (log in required).

For a limited time, you can also get Shade 3D Basic for Windows or Mac OS X for only $49, a 51% savings over the full $99 price. This is a limited time offer.

Shade 3D is a complete 3D solution, with tools for modeling for art, animation, 3D printing and game development. Every version of Shade 3D includes beautiful, native Radiosity rendering, and ShadeGRID network rendering. In addition to Shade Basic, Shade Standard ($249) and Shade Professional ($499) are also immediately available for purchase.

Shade 3D Standard and Shade 3D Professional also add additional powerful tools such as low memory overhead object replication, hair / fur system, physics based animation and more. All versions of Shade 3D include 3D Print Assistant, an interactive tool for diagnosing issues when 3D printing. 3D Print Assistant can save you a significant amount of money by helping you avoid having to reprint models that weren’t ready for 3D printing.
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