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SILKYPIX series photo editing software allows you to make adjustments such as exposure (brightness), white balance (shading), and tone (light and dark sharpness) non-destructively. Make easy to master fine tuning adjustments using conventional user experience tools. SILKYPIX JPEG Photography 10 provides a suite of professional tools for improving shots taken with you JPEG compatible phone or camera.


  • [Fix] Image width in the thumbnail could not be reduced in the Display settings dialog when the thumbnail window was arranged on the left or right side of the preview.
  • [Fix] Edited result was not applied to the batch development results after editing the imprint data for file output.
  • [Fix] Adjustment parameters of the Crop tool were not applied when loading a development parameters file of SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro 5 or earlier.
  • [Fix] Issue related to image display and operation on Select section
  • [Fix] [Windows] Automatic level correction button disabled when adjusting development parameters wit the "Tone curve" sub-control displayed
  • [Fix] [macOS] Color reproduction of the preview in the Adjustment section was not displayed correctly when AdobeRGB was selected as the output color space in the "Development settings" sub-control
  • [Fix] [macOS] Thumbnails appear monochrome when scrolling through thumbnails in the Adjustment section on macOS Big Sur
  • [Fix] [macOS] Overwriting of the original JPEG file when developing a JPEG file
  • [Fix] [macOS] Text on the thumbnails in the Select section would appear coarse on a Retina display

Download the newest version of SILKYPIX JPEG Photography 10 for macOS and Windows.
  1. http://www.silkypix.us/silkypix-10-0-12-silkypix-10-1-12-silkypix-10-2-12
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