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Toon Samson brings to life the ancient warrior and hero and "last of the judges" of the ancient Israelites. It includes a complete set of clothing, props and poses to create scenes of mystery and miracles from the Bible, and includes all depicted textures. Toon Samson for Meat works with Poser 9+ and DAZ Studio 4 or higher and requires the free Meat 3D.

Toon Samson Included Clothes

  • Bracelets
  • Sandals
  • Lion Fur & Mane
  • Samson's Belt
  • Samson's Tunic
  • Samson's Long Hair
  • Samson's Short Hair

Toon Samson Included Props

  • Foxes (and Fire)
  • Jawbone
  • Left & Right Chain
  • Left & Right Columns
  • Left & Right Cuffs

Toon Samson Included Poses

  • Chained and Humiliated (inc related hand poses)
  • Crushing Blow (inc related hand poses)
  • Default
  • Lighting fields (on fire) (inc related hand poses)
  • Lighting the way (inc related hand poses)
  • Praying (inc related hand poses)
  • Running and Swinging (inc related hand poses)
  • Swinging Backward (inc related hand poses)
  • Tearing the Lion's Mouth (inc related hand poses)
  • Unchained (inc related hand poses)
  • Victory (inc related hand poses)






About Meatâ„¢
Meat is a FREE model from the new Toon People series from Meshbox Design. Get Meat for Poser & DAZ Studio Now.
About Bible 3Dâ„¢
Bible 3D is a series of 3D model buildings and characters based on the stories of the Bible. See all Bible3D models.
  1. https://mirye.net/meshbox-design/product/toon-samson-for-meat
  2. https://mirye.net/mirye-store/category/bible-3d
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