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Toon Santa 2020 for Poser3D and DAZ Studio Original 3D Santa is almost here and is now announced!


You can order the individual models released so far on Renderosity Content Store or right here.

  • Doc Santa - Toon Santa 20
  • Hipster Santa - Toon Santa 19
  • Secret Santa - Toon Santa 18
  • Raypunk Santa - Toon Santa 17
  • Young Santa - Toon Santa 16
  • Fedoraville 1950s Santa - Toon Santa 15
  • Wild West Santa - Toon Santa 14
  • Chef Santa - Toon Santa 13
  • Gentleman Santa - Toon Santa 12
  • Father Christmas - Toon Santa 11
  • Steampunk Santa - Toon Santa 10
  • Ice Mountain Santa - Toon Santa 09
  • Conductor Santa - Toon Santa 08
  • King of the North Pole Santa - Toon Santa 07
  • Classic Red Santa - Toon Santa 06
  1. https://mirye.net/mirye-store/product/toon-santa-bundle-20
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And the polls are closed! And there is a winner this year! The winner of the Guess the Toon Santa Theme Contest for 2020 is Myrtha Mason who gave the correct answer over on the Meshbox Facebook Page.
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Doc Santa for Poser3d is there for your sniffles, bellyaches and for anything more serious. This is the standalone version of this model without the other releases of Toon Santa. It still requires you to install Chunk 3D. This character has also been referred to as Toon Santa 20.

Toon Santa ™ for Chunk™ is the incredible Santa Claus character for use with Poser 9 or higher and DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher. Output will depend on the renderer.

He is available as a single character for $12.95 or as a part of the 15 character Toon Santa Bundle 2020 for only $49.

Because Toon Santa is based on Chunk, all clothing is revised and removable, so you can switch and swap props and clothing easily. Secret Santa requires Chunk 3D, a free model. Instructions on how to download Chunk for free and other Toon Santa news is available on toonsanta.com.

Clothing, Props & Poses for Doc Santa

  • Doc Santa Coat
  • Doc Santa Hat (fez-like hat)
  • Doc Santa n95 mask
  • Doc Santa "Krock" Shoes
  • Doc Santa Socks
  • Doc Santa "Shoe Pin
  • Doc Santa Hospital Pants
  • Doc Santa Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Doc Santa Gloves
  • Doc Santa Reflector
  • Doc Santa's Stethoscope (dial to stretch)
  • Doc Santa's Thermometer
  • Doc Santa Beard
  • Doc Santa Hair
  • Doc Santa Mustache
  • Doc Santa Eyebrows
  • Poses: Default, Examining, Gesturing and Talking, Hold Mask (w hand pose), Listening (w hand pose), Offer Thermometer (w hand pose), Putting on Glove (w hand pose), Putting on Mask (w hand pose), Run to Help, Thumbs Up (w hand pose), Washing Hands (w hand pose)



  1. https://mirye.net/mirye-store/product/toon-santa-bundle-20
  2. https://mirye.net/meshbox-design/product/doc-santa
  3. http://posercontent.com/clothing-for-poser-and-daz-studio/doc-santa
  4. https://www.renderosity.com/rr/mod/bcs/doc-santa/145658/
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