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  3. Thursday, September 10 2020, 05:02 AM
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SILKYPIX JPEG Photography is the easiest way to improve photos taken on your phone or consumer digital camera. This update is a general fix release with improvements on both macOS and Windows versions:

  • [Fixed] May not print or display preview images by a specific development parameters and print settings when printing from the Contact sheet
  • [Fixed] [Windows] Settings were not reflected when opening the Develop dialog when "Capitalize extension" was enabled in the File output settings dialog
  • [Fixed] [macOS] selection status of "Folder tree" may not be updated when open a file or folder without manipulating the "Folder tree"

The update is immediately available for download from the SILKYPIX.US website.
  1. http://www.silkypix.us/silkypix-10-0-6-silkypix-9-1-21-silkypix-9-2-21
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