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  3. Monday, February 03 2014, 05:17 PM
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Hello all,

Over the weekend, we set up the new / replacement customer and technical support system. You can currently access this system by clicking the "Support" link at the bottom of the site. Support links are going to be following elsewhere.

This first iteration is rather simple:

Frequently Asked Questions
Primarily quick answers to short questions. More product specific items will be added soon. However FAQs that have significant explanations will be held back until our Knowledge Base system is available.
New Support Ticket
You can currently ask about the following:

  • Registration. If you purchased Shade through the Mac App Store or through partners like Cornucopia 3D, you can use this to register and get a full serial number of the product.
  • Customer Service. If you need to reach us for a non-technical topic, this is how you can do it, in addition to telephone support.
  • Technical Support. If you have a technical issue that isn't resolved through the forums or Knowledge Base, we are here to help.

View Support Tickets
Go here to see if you have a new answer / reply / status change to your support ticket

We've already planned for a more granular system for technical support as a part of our online store update (coming by summer). The Knowledge Base mentioned will be live earlier than this, likely within the next few weeks.
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