Towers of Magic Volume 1 Complete Edition

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3D Format

The Towers of Magic are each member schools in the Order, the most high order of wizardry. Each tower represents a specific school of magic known to players of the world's most popular role-playing game. Some say each of school is equal, yet the Tower of Illusion and the Tower of Necromancy seem to vey for supremacy - with the Tower of Illusion having the upper hand because of those who fear the power of the dark powers.

  • TOM2V101 Tower of Abjuration
  • TOM2V102 Tower of Conjuration
  • TOM2V103 Tower of Evocation
  • TOM2V104 Tower of Divination
  • TOM2V105 Tower of Illusion
  • TOM2V106 Tower of Enchantment
  • TOM2V107 Tower of Necromancy
  • TOM2V107 Tower of Transmutation
  • TOM2V109 Bonus Model - Order of Wizardry

COMPLETE EDITION. You can select a version and receive all models in that format. The professional version is for developers that need access to the .max file and the right to generate models for use in real time playback games