Toon Dionysus Bundle

$11.95 each Brand: MeshboxMeshbox

Toon Dionysus Bundle for Poser & DAZ Studio

Toon Dionysus depicts the Olympian god of the grape-harvest, winemaking and wine, of fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and theater. Includes the youthful and beautiful version for Norm. Includes the drunken, lustful Bacchus for Chunk.

Toon Dionysus for Chunk works with Poser 9+ and DAZ Studio 4 or higher and requires the male version of Chunk 3D.

Toon Dionysus includes 19 textures including bump maps. A Poser MAT pose also switches Dionysus clothing pieces from their clean versions to their dirty versions.

Toon Dionysus Bundle Included Clothes

  • Shoulder Clothing for Chunk & Norm
  • Waist Clothing for Chunk & Norm
  • Grapeleaf Diadem for Chunk & Norm
  • Slippers (Left and Right) for Chunk & Norm

Toon Dionysus Bundle Props & Other Character Objects

  • Cup (with interior Wine) for Chunk & Norm
  • Wine Amphora (with interior Wine) for Chunk & Norm
  • Large Curly Beard (as character) for Chunk
  • Short Curly Beard (as character) for Chunk
  • Curly Mustache (as character) for Chunk & Norm
  • Curly Hair (as character) for Chunk & Norm
  • Eyebrows (as character) for Chunk & Norm

Toon Dionysus Bundle Included Poses

  • Default (resets to T pose) for Chunk & Norm
  • MAT Pose (Dirt for Clothing) ONLY FOR CHUNK VERSION
  • Don't Know for Chunk & Norm
  • Falling Drunk for Chunk & Norm
  • Happy Dance for Chunk & Norm
  • Heroic Flying for Chunk & Norm
  • Rest for Chunk & Norm
  • Scooping Wine for Chunk & Norm
  • Toast for Chunk & Norm

About Chunk 3D™ and Norm 3D™

Both are free models from the new Toon People series from Meshbox Design.

About Middle Aged Gods™

Something is wrong in the heavens - gods aren't supposed to be fat, bald and - well - middle aged! But what do you expect when nobody believes in you any more?