Near Future: Lunar Colony Volume 1 Complete Edition

Near Future 3D Model Set
Near Future 3D Model Setnfr2v105-01nfr2v102-01nfr2v101-01nfr2v103-01nfr2v107-01nfr2v104-01nfr2v106-01nfr2v108-01nfr2v108-07nfr2v108-06nfr2v108-04nfr2v108-05nfr2v108-02nfr2v108-03nfr2v108-08
$49.00 each Brand: MeshboxMeshbox
3D Format

Near Future: Lunar Colony Volume 1 is a set of eight models based around the theme of currently (or near future, within the next 20 years) envisioned technology used for populating our solar system. This isnt science fantasy or far far future, but what could be possible during the 21st century. This is the future as we know it now.

  • NFR2V101 Lunar Habitat
  • NFR2V102 Hydroponics Module
  • NFR2V103 Mass Driver
  • NFR2V104 Regolith Mining Base
  • NFR2V105 Builder Bot
  • NFR2V106 Regolith Mining Robot
  • NFR2V107 Lunar Reclamation Plant
  • NFR2V108 Bonus Model - Lunar Rover & Trailer

COMPLETE EDITION. You can select a version and receive all models in that format. The professional version is for developers that need access to the .max file and the right to generate models for use in real time playback games