Mobile Park Volume 1 Complete Edition

$49.00 each Brand: MeshboxMeshbox
3D Format

About Mobile Park Volume 1 Complete Edition

Mobile Park Volume 1 is a model series based on the homes and trailers found in a mysterious mobile park where communities grow organically - at least temporarily - a place filled with people who have been places.

Models included

  • MPK2V101- Crazy Cat Lady Mobile Home
  • MPK2V102- Mystery Trailer
  • MPK2V103- Retired Couple Mobile Home
  • MPK2V104- Double Wide Mobile Home (with Texas Accents)
  • MPK2V105- Granny's Trailer
  • MPK2V106- Conspiracy Joe's Mobile Home
  • MPK2V107- Retired Doctor's Home
  • MPK2V108- Mobile Park Manager's Home - BONUS MODEL

Editions of this Product

Select an edition based on the file format and also based on the license you need.

Professional Edition

You can select a version and receive all models in that format. The professional version is for developers that need access to the .max file and the right to generate models for use in real time playback games. Only the version specifically shown as -PRO uses this license.

Art Edition

The Art licenses are only licensed for rendering to animation or still images. These images can be used in games, however geometry and textures may not be incorporated into a real time playback system. The -ART version includes almost all formats of the model but under the Art Edition license.