Elven Journeys Volume 1

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3D Format

Elven Journeys Volume 1

Almost all Elven noble houses have private sea fleets, and each vessel sports a masthead of the totem animal of the house. Beautiful Elven ships (with the exception of the evil Banshee Ship) are welcome at ports for trading and merely to gaze upon them. Elven Journeys Volume 1  is a series of Elven ships and the perfect companion to the Meshbox Elven Village series of buildings.

Models Included in Elven Journeys Volume 1

  • ELJ2V101 - Elven Small Sail Ship
  • ELJ2V102 - Elven Schooner
  • ELJ2V103 - Elven Warship
  • ELJ2V104 - Elven Merchant Ship
  • ELJ2V105 - Elven House Ship
  • ELJ2V106 - Elven Healer Ship
  • ELJ2V107 - Elven Wizard Ship
  • ELJ2V108 - BONUS MODEL - Banshee Ship

For additional previews, view the individual models in this set.

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