Dead Pirate Cove Volume 1

deadpiratecove1-800x800Dead Pirate Cove Island Bridge 3D ModelDead Pirate Cove Island Pier 3D ModelDead Pirate Cove Cannibal Huts 3D ModelDead Pirate Cove Pirate Fort 3D ModelDead Pirate Cove Pirate Grotto 3D ModelDead Pirate Cove Ye Pirate Inn and Tavern 3D ModelDead Pirate Cove Pirate Watchpost 3D Modelhov101v108-01hov101v108-05hov101v108-06hov101v108-07hov101v108-03hov101v108-04hov101v108-02hov101v108-08
$49.00 each Brand: MeshboxMeshbox
3D Format

About Dead Pirate Cove Volume 1

Dead Pirate Cove Volume 1 is an island where pirates may walk, sometimes as living, breathing men, others as ghosts of their former selves. Rough buildings dot the tropical island, showing both their intended use and disuse. The island is divided into sections, allowing you to reconfigure the island by placing portions close together.

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  • HOV101V101 - Island Pier
  • HOV101V102 - Pirate Fort
  • HOV101V103 - Island Bridge
  • HOV101V104 - Ye Pirate Tavern and Inn
  • HOV101V105 - Cannibal Village
  • HOV101V106 - Pirate Watchpost
  • HOV101V107 - Hidden Grotto
  • HOV101V108 - Bonus Model - Ghostly Pirate Ship

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