Christmas Village 11 Complete

$49.00 each Brand: MeshboxMeshbox
3D Format

Christmas Village 11 R3 Complete

Christmas Village 11 is a set of beautiful 3D Christmas holiday models from Meshbox Design. The Christmas Village series is an annual release event, adding additional models to the growing North Pole village of Toon Santa.

The special theme release for 11 is Father Christmas, with buildings created with a British style and based in a part of North Pole Village where humans are allowed to visit.

About Toon Santa ™

Toon Santa ™ is the lovable 3D Santa Claus created in love and respect for holiday traditions. If you grew up in the 70's in North America, you probably spent some quality hours in December watching the Rankin/Bass stop motion classics such as the Christmas Television Favorites Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and a Year without a Santa Claus (and a selection of more religious programming). Toon Santa was designed to capture the pure and simple joy of that early holiday programming.

Models Included in Christmas Village 11

  • TSV311001 - Cracker Factory and Shop
  • TSV311002 - Nutcracker Factory
  • TSV311003 - St. George's Cakes and Puddings
  • TSV311004 - Ye Olde Inn
  • TSV311005 - Lamplighter's House
  • TSV311006 - The Pig's Whiskers Pub
  • TSV311007 - Chimney Sweep's House
  • TSV311008 - BONUS MODEL: North Pole Cathedral