Apprentice Alley Volume 1 R2 Complete Edition

$49.00 each Brand: MeshboxMeshbox


Apprentice Alley is a mystical street where witches and wizards and other mysterious, mythical folk go to purchase their magical gear. The R2 version of Apprentice Alley Volume 1 features new geometry, removable snow caps, plus refreshed textures to replace native shaders in the original series. Each model also includes a darkside texture set, so the building can be displayed in darker context.

  • AZV2V101 Aaron Barsom's Fine Wands Shop
  • AZV2V102 Lantham's Mantles
  • AZV2V103 Jacob Kettle's Bindery
  • AZV2V104 McGregor's Chalk and Ink
  • AZV2V105 Luca's Shapes and Crystals
  • AZV2V106 Miller's Familiars
  • AZV2V107 Apprentice Alley Park
  • AZV2V108 Bonus Model: Bronze Dragon Inn

COMPLETE EDITION. You can select a version and receive all models in that format. The professional version is for developers that need access to the .max file and the right to generate models for use in real time playback games