Shade 3D for Unity

Shade 3D for Unity is an incredibly useful and free tool for creating and transforming your animated 3D models into game ready content, especially for Unity 3D development.

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Shade 3D for Unity

Shade 3D for Unity lets you import standard 3D file formats such as FBX, Wavefront OBJ, SketchUp skp and Shade shd files and modify and transform them so they can be easily imported into your next Unity based game.

Shade 3D for Unity User Interface

Unity 3D

Unity 3D is a powerful, visual game development tool for building games for the desktop, mobile and console games. Chances are, if you have a 3D game on your iPhone or iPad it was made with Unity.

Unity 3D Project Showing Native Shade Model Loaded into the UI

A special utility for use with Shade 3D for Unity called Shade 3D Loader is already available for download from the Unity Asset Store. Download Shade 3D Loader.

More Features for Game Development

Shade 14 Professional Edition includes advanced features of Shade 3D For Unity, including advanced modeling, rendering and animation tools, unlimited grid rendering, photo modeling, hair salon, particle physics and more.

Do More With Shade 3D

Shade 14 Professional Edition is available now. Download from

Shade 3D For Unity with Tully