Shade 3D 14

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Creativity Unleashed

Shade 3D brings together a complete tool suite of modeling, rendering and animation tools in one integrated solution.

New 6/3/2014! Shade 3D ver 14.1.2 released with free update for existing Shade 3D ver 14 customers.


Shade 3D curved surface and polygon modeling tools that you use every day are accessible, understandable and enabling. No arcane interfaces get in the way of your modeling.

3D Modeling Tools - Shade 3D ver 14


Powerful IK (Inverse Kinematics), bones, skin, motion effects and particle physics animation system makes Shade ideal for your next animation project. Compatible with FBX based animation for game development.

PoserFusion Animation!


3D Printing

3D printing tools optimized for model creation and diagnosing mistakes in geometry for 3D printing.

New 3D Printing Assistant!

3D Printing with Shade 3D

Material Management

Layers based material creation and management and built in UV mapping tools bring characters to life.

3D Texturing Tools - Shade 3D ver 14


Arch-Viz is more than modeling. Powerful irradiance caching tools, IES support and other lighting and rendering tools sell your designs to your client.

3D Architectural Visualization with Shade 3D

Game Development

Build animated, fully rigged characters then export them for use with Unity 3D and other game engines. And get Shade 3D for Unity for FREE!

3D Game Development with Unity 3D

Are you an Autodesk Softimage User? Take advantage of a competitive upgrade to Shade 3D Professional!