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Free upgrade from Toon Bunny 13 with registration by 4/30/2017! The original Easter Bunny for Poser & DAZ Studio includes all the features of the previous release (including BOTH Toon Bunny and Miss Bunny charcters), plus adds the following:

  • New "Fluffy Bunny" Versions. These are special versions with add-on props with native Poser hair elements. Fluff up either of the bunnies.
  • New "Fluffy Chick". A very simple Easter chick that also uses native Poser hair elements. Scatter them around your scene!
  • Easter Borders. A small collection of 800 x 600 Easter themed borders

How to Get the Free Upgrade from Toon Bunny 13 to Toon Bunny 2017
You must do the following before 4/30/2017. After that, you have to pay full price!

  • Log into Mirye.net and order something free, like Chunk 3D (you need to get your address details into our system)
  • Go to menu Support > Create Ticket
  • Select Qualifications & Credentials and title it "Easter Bunny 13 Free Upgrade"
  • Attach your proof of previous purchase (this can be a receipt from Content Paradise, Paypal or Miryestore.com

That's it! We will add Toon Bunny 2017 to your account within 24 hours.
  1. http://mirye.net/mirye-store/product/toon-bunny-17
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