1. Chikako Hatanaka
  2. Meshbox Design
  3. Wednesday, September 07 2016, 04:32 PM
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Amusement Park 3D is an eight model 3d model set for Blender, Poser / DAZ Studio, Vue 3D, Shade 3D, Bryce & 3DS MAX. It is available in the new Mirye Store, starting at $49 per set for Art / Animation licensing.

Amusement Park 3D Volume 1 R2 is a set of models based on the modern (late 20th – early 21st century) amusement park – including the traveling carnival or the more seasonal or permanent amusement park. This first volume features common rides found in amusement parks. This set includes:

  • AP1V101 – Tea Cups Ride
  • AP1V102 – Mad Mansion Haunted House Ride
  • AP1V103 – Bumper Cars Ride
  • AP1V104 – Carousel
  • AP1V105 – Octopus Ride
  • AP1V106 – Paratrooper Ride
  • AP1V107 – Music Fest Ride (Music Express)
  • AP1V108 – BONUS MODEL – Ferris Wheel

Each model is fully textured. Mad Mansion has a complete interior.
  1. http://mirye.net/mirye-store/product/2058-amusement-park-volume-1-r2-complete-edition
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